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HELFEN MACHT SCHULE is a german non-govermental, non-profit organization that supports african schools, mainly in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Our organization is a spin-off product of the Kopernikusschule Freigericht, the biggest german school for general education. The school and our organization is located at Freigericht, a village at the countryside 40 km east of Frankfurt/Main. Google Maps-Link to Freigericht.



What is the meaning of the german words "Helfen macht Schule"? If translated word by word the outcome is "Helping makes school". In german the words have two meanings: our support helps to generate schools and the second meaning is that this kind of help can be learned and copied by everybody to become a common habit. 


About us

HELFEN MACHT SCHULE was founded in 2002. In the meantime the activities of our organization are supported by more than 200 members, which are mainly former and actual students, their parents and teachers of the above mentioned german school. Currently we support two schools in Tanzania, the Kishumundu Secondary School (KSS) and the La Mennais Vocational Training Centre (VTC) in Moshi. The homepage of VTC are at http://lamennaisvtc.wordpress.com .


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Actual activities

Please proceed to the Latest News Page (click on the link).


General Activities and Aims

Our goal is to improve education in Africa, especially in Tanzania. Since several years we support our tanzanian partners to provide high quality education to their students. In the past years we helped our partner schools to build new class rooms (VTC), dormitories for boarding students (KSS and VTC), to generate a safe and sufficient water supply (KSS), to purchase class room equipment and books (KSS and VTC), tools for vocational training (VTC), a truck (KSS) and to get a computer room that is connected to the internet (KSS and VTC). In addition, several poor and talented students of our tanzanian partner schools are holders of a HELFEN M ACHT SCHULE - Scholarship to support their families to pay the school fees.


Visiting programs

Members of HELFEN MACHT SCHULE often visit our tanzanian partner schools to see the improvements and to confirm the impact of our help at the supported schools. In addition approximately every second year german students and teachers are on visit at the tanzanian schools to gain insights into tanzanian school life. In the year between the student journeys one or two tanzanian partners, e.g. headmasters, academic masters and/or teachers, of the VTC or KSS are invited by HELFEN MACHT SCHULE to visit the german partner schools.


  • 2015 Mrs. Aggiflavia MASSAWE and in 2017 Mr. Filbert KILAWE, both teachers at Kishumundu Secondary School, have been on visits in Germany.
  • 2016 Fraterin MERABA has been our guest in Germany to honor the 20th anniversary of his first visit.
  • 2019 the Headmaster of Kishumundu Secondary School at that time visited Germany.
  • 2021 Mr. MANGESHO was invited to visit Germany. His visit was delayed due to the travel restrictions during the COVID19 pandemy in 2020. Please visit Latest News for details.


Pictures of the student visit in Tanzania in autum 2014 (click on a picture for enlargement and description)


Fundraising Activities

  • Most years a calendar with brilliant pictures is produced by Winfried Sommer and sold in the christmas time by HELFEN MACHT SCHULE. Here is the one of 2014:



  • Students of a class at Kopernikusschule Freigericht are selling cakes during the breaks to earn money for HELFEN MACHT SCHULE.  Picture: Mrs. Happ
  • Each november all classes of level 6 of Kopernikusschule Freigericht are performing a christmas bazar. They donate all the money they make to HELFEN MACHT SCHULE. We are also selling goods there to make some money by ourselves! Click on a picture for enlargement.

Results of our work

Please read entries #12, #17 and #26 of the former student Sosthenes Francis Materu in the guest book of Kishumundu Secondary School: http://kishumundu.jimdo.com/guestbook/  . Is there any need to say more?


You may also visit the homepages of the suppported schools

to draw yourself a picture of our work.


If you like to receive further information about our activities please don´t hesitate to contact us.


c/o Kopernikusschule Freigericht

Konrad-Adenauer-Ring 25

63579 Freigericht


Telephone: +49 (0)6055 9159-0

Fax: +49 (0)6055 9159-50

Email: Helfen-macht-Schule(at)gmx.de


Board Members:

Chairman: Winfried SOMMER

Vice-Chairman and Webmaster: Dr. Michael BAUER 

Cashier: Johannes SCHILLING

Transcript writer: Melinda HARGRAVE-KANZOW

Additional board members: Silke POHLEDE, Katharina HELDT, Claudia WENGNER, Michael PIEKE und Hartwig KNAUS 


We´re sorry, but due to the Corona Pandemy we can´t present an actual image of our current Board, as elected in September 2022.



Former Board Members of Helfen macht Schule e.V. (2018-2020) Johannes Schilling, Melinda Hargrave-Kanzow, Dr. Michael Bauer, Silke Pohlede, Michael Link, Reinhold Wissel, Winfried Sommer and Werner Kessler (from left to right).


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