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Our Latest News page was started in July 2015 because Tanzanian friends were kindly asking for information about HELFEN MACHT SCHULE and it´s activities in English language. Here it is!


General information about HELFEN MACHT SCHULE e.V. in English is found here .


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Students of Kopernikusschule sell Cake and Cookies to Support our Tanzanian Partnerschools


In some of the breaks at Kopernikusschule wonderful classes offer selfmade cake and cookies on the schoolyard. They donate the money they make by these activities to Helfen macht Schule to support our tanzanian partnerschools.


Due to COVID19 these activities were interrupted for more than two years. We are very happy that it recently could re-start and many classes are keen to participate in the project, e.g. class E1e. Of course we show appreciation for their engagement and say   ASANTE SANA - VIELEN HERZLICHEN DANK!!! 



New Chairman


On the recent general meeting of our society Winfried Sommer (picture) was elected as the new Chairman of Helfen macht Schule. He substitutes Reinhold Wissel, who has been our Chairman since the founding of HMS, in total more than 20 years! 


Helfen macht Schule is, and ever will be, very grateful to Reinhold for his wonderful work for our idea and society. 


Dr. Michael Bauer was re-elected as Vice-Chairman. The other members of the Board were re-elected as well.


The new Board is facing challenging times, since the worldwide economic situation is strongly impaired by the war in Ukraine and we are experiencing decreasing donations to our society.







Our former Helfen macht Schule-Chairman Reinhold Wissel was elected to become our Chairman of Honour to appreciate his everlasting passion for our society and his marvelous work to support tanzanian schools and families.

Congratulations Reinhold!















Helfen macht Schule - Calendar 2023


2023 without Helfen macht Schule Calendar ?

NO WAY ;-) , as long as Winfried has hithero unused beautiful images to show and is feeling fit to create one!

As usual Winfried Sommer created a wonderful calendar with images of Wildlife, sensational african landscapes, and pictures of authentic daily and school life.





We are celebrating 20 Years of Helfen macht Schule!


20 years ago, on March 21, 2002, Helfen macht Schule was founded at Kopernikusschule Freigericht. Reinhold Wissel was elected to be the first chairman, and he still is today on our 20th anniversary! Our founding member Winfried Sommer has also been tirelessly active within the last 20 years on the board of the association and local projects in Tanzania.



But Helfen macht Schule wouldn't exist without Werner Kessler. He started in 1982 doing periods at school dealing with poverty and access to school education for children of poor families in the so-called third world. His project became bigger, became a school-wide official project and finally 2002 this resulted in foundation of the society Helfen macht Schule.




Founding Member of HELFEN MACHT SCHULE

Front row from left:

Mrs. Dörr, Mrs. Jost, Mr. Kessler, Mr. Wissel,
Front row from left:

Mr. Hensel, Mr. Link, Mr. Larsen, Mr. Groth, Mr. Sommer, Mrs. Reiter

In the past 20 years Helfen macht Schule, in cooperation with its members and supporters, has done a lot 
to improve our partner schools and to enable education for children of poor families. We are not tired to do
this and like to go on!

In 2006, Helfen macht Schule played a key role in the founding process of the vocational school (VTC)
by the Ploemel School Brothers in Moshi. The school became one of our partner schools together
with Kishumundu Secondary School. Projects of the last ten years are documented in the Archive
with pictures, films and reports. Take a look: Welcome - Karibu!

The motto in the background of the first picture is guiding us right from the beginning.
Examples are depictured in the following images, which show what we are doing for our partner schools:


Interview with Mr. Mangesho about his Experiences in Germany 

Due to private invitations Mr. Mangesho, former english teacher at Kishumundu Secondary School, travelled to Germany in mid of november. Shortly before he traveled back to Tanzania after his four weeks stay

Dr. Michael Bauer interviewed him about impressions, experiences and highlights of his stay. For this movie english (and german) subtitles are available.


Mr. Mangesho gave many talks at Kopernikusschule and thus informed about 50 classes about the projects of Helfen macht Schule in Kishumundu Secondary School and at the VTC Moshi. He also met a lot of friends and visited nice places, like the Museum of Nature in Frankfurt with it's huge skeletons of dinosaur. His personal highlight was a visit in nearby mountains where he experienced snow for the first time in his life.



HMS-Calendar 2022 

Like in the last years Mr. Winfried Sommer  produced a wonderful calendar for the upcoming year 2022, titled "Afrika - was sonst !" ("Africa - what else ?"). Once again he selected an amazing collection of his pictures of daily scenes as well as Nature and Landscapes to generate a lively picture of Tanzania. Some other photographers within our society also contributed few pictures to support him.   


Overview of recent Africa-Calendar since 2012















Summer Gathering 2021

On 18th of september we were very lucky: We met to celebrate our summer meeting and the weather was sunny and still warm enough. This time fewer members participated, as COVID19 was still present and only COVID19-cured, vaccinated or freshly tested members were allowed to participate. However, we enjoyed it a lot!







Second Chairman visited Tanzanian Partnerschools

In August our well vaccinated member Dr. Michael Bauer visited our partnerschool in Kishumundu, the VTC Moshi and private friends. He was warmly welcomed everywhere. Since he is a teacher of Natural Sciences (including biology) he used his stay to inform the school communities about the threats by COVID19, and the way the tests and vaccinations are working.  


Pictures are found on his private internet page below the blog text (unfortunately the blog is available only in german): . Welcome - Karibu!


Picture (please click on the image for enlarged presentation): Dr. Michael Bauer is informing students and teachers at the VTC about COVID19 and vaccinations. To ensure good understanding by the students Br. Benedict (at the window) kindly translated simultanously from English to Kiswahilli.



Protection against Corona in the Second Wave (March 2021)

Just recently the tanzanian goverment stopped it´s ignorance of Corona / COVID19. Too many prominent individuals died of COVID19, including the Vize President of Zanzibar, and the pressure from the people and non-goverment institutions got overwhelming. 

We support our partner schools in their fights against the threat. Due to the goverments position the students didn´t brought masks when the schools opened in January. Thus we have spent money to purchase a basic set of masks for all members of the school. Together with other hygienic measures we hopefully will not see infections within the school community at Kishumundu Secondary School and VTC. 


We are very grateful to Aggyflavia Massawe and James Kiwara for the fast realization of purchasing and distributing the masks and for providing the following pictures from Kishumundu Secondary School (4.3.2021): Asante sana!



Good Results at Kishumundu Secondary School (Feb. 2021)

Regardless the several month long break due to the outbreak of Corona in spring 2020 the form IV students have performed VERY well at their final exams. Teachers of Kishumundu Secondary School prepared them very good for this challenge. Country-wide Kishumundu Secondary School reached  position 604 of 3956 schools, in the region Kilimanjaro it´s on position 64 of 275 participating schools, as indicated here:  . 

We congratulate all involved individuals, but especially the successful students!


In addition Form II underwent the intermediate Exams and also performed well: 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



2020 has been a very special year. The Corona-Pandemy kept us in it´s claws and caused a lot restrictions to our planed activities. Nevertheless our supporters and donors haven´t left us alone and continued straight on to support us! 


Thank you - Asante Sana!


We wish all friends, supporters, donors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - Stay healthy!








Pre-Christmas Activities (Nov. / Dec. 2020)

This year the Corona-Pandemy changed a lot. All the usual Christmas Markets were cancelled. Luckily a Supermarket and a Warehouse in Freigericht decided to offer to us the possibility to have a stand with our goods, e.g. the new calendar and typical african handcrafts, in front or even inside their business rooms.


Africa-Calendar 2021 ready for Sale (Autumn 2020)






Our brand new Calendar "Karibu Tanzania" for 2021 is ready! Once again Winfried Sommer created a wonderful firework of nice pictures. 



Beautiful Landscapes and amazing Nature with typical african animals, but also thought provoking pictures of the Kilimanjaro from 2004 to 2019 are shown. The most recent pictures clearly show the remarkable shrinking of the Glacier on the top of the highest peak of Africa.



Link to Calendar-Archive (pictures of all our Africa-Calendars from 2011 to now).




Annual Meeting of HMS: New Board elected (Sept. 2020)


With half a year delay, due to the Corona Pandemy, the annual main meeting of Helfen macht Schule took place recently under strict security measures to prevent infections. After reports about the society and it´s financial situation Reinhold Wissel gave a report about our projects in Tanzania. Thereafter we proceeded with elections of the Board Members. Reinhold Wissel was re-elected to be the Chairman. Dr. Michael Bauer was elected as the new Vice-Chairperson. 


Members of the new Board are:

Chairman: Reinhold WISSEL

Vice-Chairman: Dr. Michael BAUER 

Treasurer: Johannes SCHILLING 

Protocols: Winfried SOMMER

Additional Members: Silke POLHEDE, Melinda HARGRAVE-KANZOW, Katharina HELDT, Claudia WENGNER, Michael PIEKE und Hartwig KNAUS (new members are in italics).  


After 18 years Michael Link and Werner Kessler, both founding members of HMS, left the Board due to private reasons. On behalf of the board and society Reinhold Wissel appreciated their long-lasting contributions and great input for the benefit and developement of HMS.




Multimedia-Presentation at Lions Clubs (Jan. / Feb. 2020)


Recently Winfried Sommer was invited to present the Activities of Helfen macht Schule at Meetings of local Lions Clubs. Using one of his amazing Shows with pictures and movies he informed about living conditions, school life and also about the nice Nature in Tanzania. The audiences were deeply impressed and each of the Clubs decided to support our projects by donations.


Kishumundu Secondary School with good Results at CSEE 2019 (Feb. 2020)


Like in the recent years Kishumundu Secondary School students performed quite well at the final exams CSEE 2019 of Form IV. Congratulations to the students and their teachers! The school holds it´s good position within the TOP 20 % of Tanzania (see graph with results of the last five years).

CSEE Results 2019 



Christmas Bazar at Kopernikusschule and the Municipal Hall of Freigericht (Dec. 2019)

Upper panel: Like in the recent years we had a Christmas Bazar at Kopernikusschule, The 6th graders cooked, created, prepared, drawed etc. nice things, which were sold to the visitors. Helfen macht Schule had also some stands to sell the Africa Calendar 2020, African Art Works and other things, as well as to inform about the projects. The generated Profits of all activities were donated to Helfen macht Schule.


Lower panel: To advertise our activities and projects we also were present on the Christmas Market of Freigericht.



Calendar for 2020 (Autumn 2019)


 We almost couldn´t believe it ! Our new calendar is readily produced at begin of August. Winfried Sommer once more created a very nice calendar entitled "Being Guest in Tanzania" with absolutely amazing, very colorful pictures. The Title picture shows a worker on the coffee farm Machare, during the visit of one of the adult groups in 2018.

Headmaster of Kishumundu Secondary School in Germany (Sept. 2019)

In August and September Mr. Shayo was invited to visit Germany. He stood one week at Alexander von Humboldt-School in Viernheim and three weeks at Kopernikusschule in Freigericht. Beside numerous visits in classes he met many friends of his school and got invited to serveral activities, e.g. to join our traditional Helfen macht Schule Summer Barbecue. He reported about Developments at his School on Tanzania-Evenings at Kopernikusschule and Alexander von Humboldt-School and in many personal talks to Friends. 

Recent Improvements at Supported Schools (July 2019)

Please click on an image to get further information.

Tansania-Evening 2019 of KSF and HMS (Jan. 2019)

On january 18th the Students of the last Visitorgroup, supported by Mrs. Pohlede, were giving a report about the Experiences and Impressions they made during their visit in Tanzania. The guests enjoyed a wonderful evening with colorfull pictures and intense personal reports.

In the second part Br. Stanislaus Shija, our guest of honor (he's the founder and former Headmaster of the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) Moshi), reported about the work and recent developments of the VTC.

Mr. Sommer closed the meeting by showing the newest one of his wonderful Mediashows.



Christmas Market 2018

As in the recent years we participated at the Christmas Market of Somborn. We sold handcrafted products from Tanzania, our new calendar which was designed once again by Winfried Sommer, and much more. We also informed curious visitors about our projects and the ways we support of our partner schools.


Like in recent years we enjoyed our yearly Summer-Barbecue, that took place on August 25th. The recently returned Tanzania-Visitors had a lot interesting Stories to tell to those, which couldn´t participate.

Helfen macht Schule Calendar for 2019

Like in the recent years Winfried Sommer designed a beautiful Calendar to generate some Money for our projects. See below the result: OUR Helfen Macht Schule-CALENDAR 2019 !

Two German Groups in Tanzania

As scheduled two german groups with a total count of 31 individuals visited our projects in July 2018. They were warmly welcomed at our project schools: Kishumundu Secondary School and the Vocational Training Centre Moshi (VTC). Our Board Member Winfried Sommer organized the tour with all his experience in a very professional way. He was supported by Dr. Michael Bauer, who´s also a frequent visitor at the Project Schools.


Preview: German Guests in Summer 2018

In the past five years Winfried Sommer organized two journeys for members of Helfen macht Schule to visit our projects in Tanzania. Not only, that the visitors made friends in Tanzania, very often the visits intensified their participation in ongoing and future activities of Helfen macht Schule. Due to this very positive general effects Mr. Sommer agreed to organize another journey. It will happen in the german summer holidays in july 2018.

Dear tanzanian friends - we hope you are not shocked about the visitor number! The interesst to take part was that high that two groups had to be established :-) . Report in the local newspaper. See you in 2018!



Helfen macht Schule-Calendar for 2018





Like in the recent years our Board Member Winfried Sommer designed a beautiful Helfen macht Schule calendar for 2018 with amazing pictures of Africa.



Mr. Kilawe, Teacher at Kishumundu Secondary School, arrived in Germany

On 5th of September Mr. Filbert KILAWE, teacher of Civics at Kishumundu Secondary School, arrived well in Frankfurt (Germany). He was welcomed at the Airport by some friends from Viernheim and our board members Mr. Sommer and Dr. Bauer.


He spends his first 1,5 weeks in Viernheim. After the local Tanzania-Evening on september 15th he will shift to Kopernikusschule Freigericht, where he stays the rest of his stay.

Kiwaras Welcomed in Germany

Due to a private invitation by friends the headmaster of Kishumundu Secondary School, Mr. Kiwara, and his wife Rachel recently visited Germany. Although on a private journey, they visited Kopernikusschule and met a lot friends which they made throughout the years.

Multimedia-Show "20 Years Africa" of Winfried Sommer






On march 17th our member Winfried Sommer presented a collection of his wonderful pictures and movies to an interested audience. Of course he described the changes he observed during his 20 years of regular visits in Tanzania, but also his impressions from unique visits in Namibia and South Africa. Stars of his presentation have been the wonderful people, animals and landscapes of these countries. Below you find some impressions of this event.


See here a "Making of" to one of the presented Pictures:

Faces of Helfen macht Schule e.V.: Our Board Members

Board members of Helfen macht Schule e.V. at the latest meeting: Johannes Schilling, Melinda Hargrave-Kanzow, Dr. Michael Bauer, Silke Polhede, Michael Link, Reinhold Wissel, Winfried Sommer and Werner Kessler from left to the right).



Tanzania-Evening 2016

On 15th of december our students who visited Tanzania in autum 2016 presented their impressions and experiences to the school community at our yearly Tanzania-Evening. The audience was highly excited by the reports and pictures. Local Newspaper report: Gelnhäuser Neue Zeitung of december, 17th, 2016.

Christmas markets 2016

Like in the recent years we offered african goods and our calendar on local christmas markets in the nearer area and at the christmas bazar of Kopernikusschule. These acitivities generate one part of the money that is spend for our projects. The left picture shows our chairman Reinhold Wissel and other members at a christmas market on sunday, 11th of december. On the right picture Mr. Sommer, the responsible person for production of our calendar, and Dr. Bauer, our webmaster, are displayed. 

German Visitors at Tanzania

In october 2016 Reinhold WISSEL, chairman of Helfen macht Schule, has been in Tanzania. Together with students of Kopernikusschule he participated at the Graduation Party of Kishumundu Secondary School. The school community pleased him to lay a Foundation Stone for the new Teachers House, a building that is financed by our society.

Our Helfen Macht Schule Calendar 2017 is in Production

VTC: Boys Dormatory in use

THEY DID IT ! During my stay in august I (webmaster Dr. Bauer) was told by Br. Shija that he hopes to move into the new Boys Dormatory in 1-2 months. Now Winfried Sommer, who is currently in Tanzania, has sent us the pictures below. They show one of the two sleeping rooms and a total view of the new building. The new building was mainly constructed by the students and teachers of the VTC. CONGRATULATIONS - WELL DONE ! Scroll further down if you like to see the state of august for comparison.

Roofs in fresh Color



To prevent damage to the buildings by further rusting Helfen macht Schule financed painting of roofs sheets at Kishumundu Secondary School.


Picture courtesy of the Headmaster James S. Kiwara.

German Visitor at Schools in Kishumundu and Moshi


Like in the recent years since 2012 our webmaster Dr. Michael Bauer spent his summer vacation to visit his friends and our partner schools in Tanzania. He was happy to see the progress that have been achieved at Kishumundu Secondary School (KSS) and Vocational Training Centre Moshi (VTC), particulary at the constructions of a living house for teachers at KSS, resp. the dormitory for boys at the VTC, see below.


Picture: Dr. Bauer in the office of KSS while updating the internet pages. Courtesy of Joseph Minde.


Left pictures: The new teacher house and class room scene at Kishumundu Secondary School.

Right pictures: First year students of masonry work on the Boys dormitory and morning assembly at Vocational Training Centre Moshi. The third year students were absent due to internships at various companies.


Fraterin Meraba on visit in Germany

On June, 3rd, Fraterin Meraba arrived in Germany. Mr. Meraba is teacher at Majengo Secondary School in Moshi. He has been in Germany 20 years ago. This was a good reason for his friends to invite him for another stay to refresh memories.  More about his current visit in Germany will be reported here soon!





Fraterin Meraba

Teacher of Mathematics and Physics

Majengo Secondary School 

Moshi, Tanzania


First week

After a short time of acclimatization Fraterin´s current host Mr. Winfried Sommer took him to the Alps, an important European mountain range in the south of Germany, which is 1200 km in width and stretches into eight countries, namely Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Monaco and France. The highest mountain of the Alps, the Mont Blanc, reaches 4810 m and thus is higher as Mount Meru, but not as high as Kilimanjaro. As you can see on the pictures below they had a spendid time there and during a visit in the austrian city Salzburg.







Fraterin Meraba and his host Winfried Sommer enjoy a nice summer day during a hiking tour in the Alps.


Second week


In the mornings Fraterin visited several classes at Kopernikusschule to inform our students about the daily life and school in Tanzania. He also joined some classes during normal periods, e.g. to observe different teaching methods like student-centered teaching in Mathematics, or an object- and investigation-centered period (practical investigation of the properties of Dry Ice) in Natural Sciences. Watch these movies about a class of Dr. Bauer doing experiments with dry ice similar to what Fraterin saw: Dry Ice Movie I , Dry Ice Movie II

Of course we took him through the school to show him the improvements since his last visit in 1996. He was deeply impressed by the equipment of the Science classrooms: "Something like this is not provided even at the best universities of Tanzania" he spontanously stated. The afternoons were used to take him to special locations in the proximity of our school, e.g. historical cities, museums etc., and to meet friends. In the evenings he frequently enjoyed to watch matches of the European Soccer Championship EURO 2016 in France.



Third week

In this week Fraterin Meraba has been guest at a friend of him in another region of Germany. On daily excursions he has been e.g. in the beautiful city of Heidelberg. On our yearly Helfen macht Schule barbecue he was back to be our guest of honour. 


Forth week

Again Fraterin has been guest at some friends of him. After his return into our region on the weekend we visited Seligenstadt, an ancient city nearby. In a few days he will leave Germany and fly back home.

Nsuri Safari Fraterin! We hope you enjoyed your stay.

German visitors of HELFEN MACHT SCHULE in Tanzania

Recently a group of HELFEN MACHT SCHULE members visited our tanzanian partner schools. It is the second time that such a journey was offered to our members. Likewise 2013 the tour was organized and guided by Winfried Sommer. The visitors were deeply impressed by the insights into the daily life and living conditions of families in Tanzania and the educational work at our partner schools. In the second part they visited the Serengeti, Tarangire, and Lake Manyara National Parks, as well as the Ngorongoro Conservation Area to enjoy the prettiness of the tanzanian Nature.

Benefiz concert of Peter Schüler

On sunday, 17th of january Peter Schüler was giving a concert for the benefit of HELFEN MACHT SCHULE. At Freigericht lutherian church he presented op. 89, the "Winterreise“, of Franz Schubert Donations to HELFEN MACHT SCHULE will be spend for new beds at the VTC in Moshi.


Christmas bazar of Kopernikus-School 2015

On november, 27th the traditional Christmas bazar of Kopernikus-School took place. As usual a great number of visitors showed up and our students of the 6th classes had good opportunies to sell their christmas goods.   Helfen macht Schule offered tanzanian art, coffee and our famous calendar for 2016 (see below).

Update: Construction of a new Teachers house at Kishumundu Secondary School





Actual situation (end of november):

The building now has a nice roof on top, internal construction works. e.g. the water supply and disposal pipes, are on the way.

Calender 2016 of Helfen macht Schule

In Germany we started to sell our new calender 2016, entitled "Africas colorful diversity". We are very grateful to Winfried Sommer, the designer, layouter and main photographer, for his passionate work.

German visitors in Tanzania



Already for the fifth time since 2012 Dr. Michael Bauer visited our partner schools in Tanzania. Like during his previous stays he was teaching at Kishumundu Secondary School and continued his projects of recent visits, like the Solar Lamps Project. On the picture you see him with Form I and II in a period about internet usage.


He was accompanied by his colleague Mr. Michael Pieke, the chief astronom of the Kopernikusschule, and a Teleskop.


Later Winfried Sommer joined them. He stood up to end of september, whereas Dr. Bauer and Mr. Pieke had to return to Germany on 24th of august.


Picture: Mr. Pieke and some interested students are observing the stars in the sky above Kishumundu.

With the aim to raise the interest of Tanzanians to protect their environment, Dr. Bauer (left), Mr. Sommer (right) and Mr. Pieke (the photographer, thus not displayed) went on a study tour to Tarangire National Park together with some students, teachers and staff members of Kishumundu Secondary School. Everybody was excited by the wonderful animals and landscape, which both clearly need strict protection from destructive forces, like poaching, illegal ivory trading, enviromental pollution and others.


Construction of a new teacher house at Kishumundu

On their visit in 2013 a group of Helfen macht Schule realized the bad living conditions of the teachers at Kishumundu Secondary School. Back in Germany Helfen macht Schule decided to improve them by building a new house for teachers. It will offer four flats, each of them consisting of one room and an own bathroom. Here you see actual pictures of the house from 15th of august 2015.

Tanzanian guest in Germany

Our tanzanian guest Mrs. Aggiflavia Massawe stood in Germany from friday, 5th of june 2015 till sunday 12th of july. Please find below an overview about the experiences she made during her stay.


After being welcomed in Germany during a barbecue with a huge number of Helfen macht Schule members Aggiflavia spent her first week at our partner school Alexander-von-Humboldt-Schule in Viernheim.

Banner heading: Mäuse = Mice, but it is also a german nickname for money. At both german partner schools the students collect deposit bottles and spend the refund money to projects at the tanzanian partner schools.




Her second week she spent at Kopernikusschule Freigericht. She visited a lot of classes at our school and informed our students about a typical school day and daily life in Tanzania. This picture shows her and Mrs. Schmeckthal in class H8a. Aggiflavia is right on the way to explain differences between Tanzania and Germany: Why students have to wear school uniforms in Tanzania?






In addition she joined class H7a during a project day at the Kindergarten, where our students performed natural sciences investigations with the kids.





On one of the afternoons Aggiflavia visited a modern car factory. Another afternoon was used to gain insights into german farmlife. She was impressed my the maschines to milk the almost 100 cows within 2 hours and to hear that they spend about 2000 L milk per day. Than she went to church to join the service for the leaving students of our advanced level.


The next two weeks Aggiflavia had time to recover from her first two weeks in Germany, which have been very labor-intense! She went on Safari (journey) to see more of our state Hessen and Germany. Her second week with presentations in the classes at Kopernikusschule started on monday, 6th of july.




Third week: On wednesday Aggiflavia and her current host Winfried Sommer visited the water-surounded castle Mespelbrunn.



Aggiflavia and Winfried Sommer in the Knights Hall of the castle. In her third week she also visited the cities of Frankfurt, Büdingen and Gelnhausen.



This saturday Aggiflavia visited the enchanting wine region at Rüdesheim. By using a cable car we went up through the vine fields to a monument above the city.




Aggiflavia and Winfried Sommer at the Niederwald-Monument.  The monument was build to celebrate the foundation of the german empire.




We took a ship on the Rhine to get back to Rüdesheim. Both sides of the Rhine gorge, a UNESCO world heritage region, are spotted with castles.




In her fourth week Aggiflavia made it up to our southern neighbor country Austria. Here she is inside the St. Stephen`s Cathedral in Vienna, the capital city of Austria.


In her last week Aggiflavia was back in the classes at Kopernikusschule. On thursday she joined our Tanzania-Evening at school. Please read more in the separate report below.

On saturday all members of Helfen macht Schule had the opportunity to say Farewell to her on our yearly celebrated big Helfen macht Schule Barbecue party at a nice hut in a forrest. By coincidence she had her birthday on that day!





Today on july, 12th Aggiflavia left us to travel back home to Tanzania. In the next days she certainly will think at lot about the recent weeks she spent in Germany - and so will we! It has been a wonderful time.




Some of her hosts in the recent weeks showed up to say farewell at the airport, whereas others did it already yesterday at the HELFEN MACHT SCHULE barbecue party.



Safari nzuri - Have a good and safe journey back home Aggiflavia!



Tanzania Evening of Kopernikusschule and HELFEN MACHT SCHULE

On july 9th our traditional Tanzania-Evening took place at our School. After the welcome speech by Mrs. Schmeckthal and Silke Pohlede, member of the school board and Vice-Chairwoman of HELFEN MACHT SCHULE, respectively, the evening was opened by singing the national anthem of Tanzania by our special guest Aggiflavia Massawe and former visitors of Tanzania. The guests saw nice Mediashows of Winfried Sommer and gained interesting insights in the life of Aggiflavia from childhood to her present work as teacher at Kishumundu Secondary School. Once again our guest Aggiflavia turned out to be a charming, competent and sympathic ambassador of her school and country.

In the second part Chiara Schöppner presented her movie about the Vocational Training Centre (VTC), which was filmed during the last student journey to Tanzania in autum 2014. Finally the chairman of HELFEN MACHT SCHULE Reinhold Wissel closed the evening with some grateful words to the guests and all participants.


Click the Flag for content in English.


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