Der Vorstand von Helfen macht Schule e.V.


Unser am 25.9.2020 gewählter Vorstand setzt sich wie folgt zusammen:

1. Vorsitzender: Reinhold WISSEL

2. Vorsitzender: Dr. Michael BAUER (Internetauftritt)

Finanzvorstand / Kassenführer: Johannes SCHILLING 

Schriftführer: Winfried SOMMER

Beisitzer: Silke POLHEDE, Melinda HARGRAVE-KANZOW, Katharina HELDT, Claudia WENGNER, Michael PIEKE und Hartwig KNAUS


Ein Bild des neuen Vorstandes folgt sobald die Corona-Pandemie dies zulässt.



Der Vorstand 2018 - 2020

Der Vorstand von Helfen macht Schule e.V.: Johannes Schilling, Melinda Hargrave-Kanzow, Dr. Michael Bauer, Silke Pohlede, Michael Link, Reinhold Wissel, Winfried Sommer und Werner Kessler (von links nach rechts).

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You are on the internet pages of HELFEN MACHT SCHULE.

We are a german NGO that supports african schools,

mainly in the Kilimanjaro area of Tanzania. Although the main pages are in german - the presented pictures and movies don´t need any language!


Klick on the following link to be transfered to our ENGLISH PAGES. New activities are reported on our Latest News english subpage.


Information about the supported schools is available in English at and at (VTC) .

Goal of our Support to Tanzanian Schools and Students:

... and each year thereafter,  again and again. Picture courtesy of S. Mungure.


At both schools we run a solar project to substitute harmful kerosene lamps by solar lamps. Visit for more information.


If you like to receive further information about our activities please don´t hesitate to Contact